Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures: Assessment and Repair of Corrosion

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Discusses the theoretical and practical methods of performing structure assessment
Explores precautions for design and construction that reduce the risk of corrosion on a structure
Covers traditional and advanced techniques for repair and how to choose the best methods
Illustrates practical methods for protecting steel reinforcement bars
Examines new building codes, specifications, and standards regarding construction and their effect on limiting corrosion


A Practical Guide to Maintenance
Carrying a billion-dollar price tag, corrosion of reinforced concrete is the enemy of every country’s investment in real estate. The widespread and long-term use of reinforced concrete makes its correct and proper examination, maintenance, and repair paramount. Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures: Assessment and Repair of Corrosion explains the corrosion of reinforced concrete from a practical point of view, highlighting protective design and repair procedures.

Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures

Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures


The book begins with a discussion of the corrosion phenomena, the effect of concrete properties on corrosion, and the precautions available in the construction stage to mitigate corrosion. It covers the theoretical and practical methods in evaluating the concrete structures and new, practical methods to protect steel reinforcement. The book also includes methods established in the last decade that provide new ways of protecting steel-reinforced bars and the traditional and advanced repairing methods. The author explains the importance of implementing an integrity management system to provide a comprehensive maintenance strategy and concludes with coverage of the traditional, time-tested, and advanced repair techniques. A special feature is a chapter focusing on the advance maintenance plan philosophy and risk-based maintenance for reinforced concrete structures.

The author examines economic analysis procedures and the probability of structural failures to define structure risk assessment. He covers precautions and recommendations for protecting the reinforced concrete structures from corrosion based on codes and specifications. He uses case histories from all over the world to demonstrate the widespread application and range of advanced repair techniques and presents a practical guide to the maintenance of concrete structures. The book provides procedures for corrosion diagnosis and determining the appropriate methods for repair, as well as economic models for on-site decision making.

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