ETABS MATE Software Drawings Sample

ETABS MATE is a professional concrete structure detailer.

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New Scientist 20 May 2017
Thị trường BIM Building Information Modelling

Screenshots of ETABS MATE
Concrete Structure Assistant Software

This software is a professional and very quick tool for design and draw reinforcement details of concrete structure in a developed and easy graphical interface in according to building model analysis results of ETABS software.
Also this software can save prepared structural drawings in AutoCAD file format.
In additional ETABS MATE can preparing several kind of reports such as structural material list according to element type or story sequence and other useful reports.

To inform more about graphical user interfaces (GUI) and functionality of the software, screenshots from different parts of the software is given below:

Screen shot of the main software window:


the main software window

Details of the beam longitudinal profiles generated by software:

the beam longitudinal profiles

Details of the columns generated by software:

the columns

Structural drawing of shear walls generated by software:

Structural drawing of shear walls

By click on any wall, all information related to the selected shear walls in the all stories has been observed that this information is editable as seen on the below image:

the selected shear walls

Image of how to assign longitudinal and shear reinforcement of the beam sections:

longitudinal and shear reinforcement

Software can provides several reports of reinforcement weight and concrete volume of structure according to element types, rebar size and story number:

reports of reinforcement weight and concrete volume