Introduction to ETABS MATE

ETABS MATE is a professional concrete structure detailer software.

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This software is a powerful and very quick tool for automatically design and draw reinforcement details of concrete structures in a developed, simple and easy graphical interface in according to building model design results of ETABS software.

ETABS MATE Concrete Structure Assistant Software

ETABS MATE Concrete Structure Assistant Software

In this software you can preview your structure model in the graphical user interfaces, design reinforcement details and then generate structural drawings of your projects in few seconds. Also you can generate structural drawings of your model according to envelop of any number of design files. software can save prepared structural drawings in the AutoCAD drawings file format. Some of the output of the software is given below.
In addition ETABS MATE can prepare several kinds of reports such as structural material list according to element type or story sequence and other useful reports.

Software Features and Capabilities

  • Incredibly speed in reinforcing design and preparing structural drawings. (about 1 second for a building with 5000 m2 of area)
  • Compatibility with all versions of ETABS Software.
  • Compatibility of generated drawings with all versions of AutoCAD Software.
  • Simple Procedure for importing structure from ETABS to ETABS MATE.
  • User friendly and very simple graphical interfaces.
  • Independent software without any dependency to other programs.
  • Equipped with powerful and very quick internal drawing engine.
  • Easy to edit drawings that generated by software.
  • Ability of previewing all computed details of beams, columns and shear walls with a very convenient way in the plans of structure.
  • You can generate structural drawings with envelop of several design files of one structure.
  • Automatically calculate splice length of rebar or use user defined multiplayer for calculate them.
  • Auto labeling all rebars in structural drawings.
  • Auto generate rebar list table include size, shape, length and weight of rebars in the structural drawings.
  • Automatically read all defined frame section and wall section from etabs model file and regenerate them.
  • Ability to define new section or edit properties of section that automatically generated by software.
  • Ability to define new section or edit properties of section that automatically generated by software.
  • All reinforcing design parameters can be configured in the software.
  • Ability to change reinforcing design details in software before generating structural drawings.
  • Preparing a variety of printable reports including the weight of steel and concrete volume, by elements type, story or bar size.