GeoStudio 2016 Beta

What's new

All the features of GeoStudio 2016 can be used free for 30 days by requesting a trial license.

GEO-SLOPE GeoStudio 2012
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Các tính năng mới trong phiên bản Beta phần mềm GeoStudio 2016 bao gồm:

New Page Layout view in all products
Define the model in Model view and switch to Page Layout view for presentation.
Display the model inside Page Layout view at any scale.
Sketch pictures, text and lines in Page Layout view, independent of the analysis that is in view.
Re-use the Page Layout in other project files.
Display the scale on the page as dynamic text.
Import a Page Layout from another project.

Enhanced Model view in all products
The page and problem extents no longer need to be defined in model view. Simply jump to any coordinate in model space and start drawing the model.
Grid lines displayed in model view help you visualize where you are in model space.
The status bar displays the current scale while zooming the drawing.

Improved printing
Print directly from the Page Layout view to your printer.
Select a set of analyses to print all at once.

Assign properties across a set of analyses
Select any set of analyses and then assign material properties to all of them at once. The materials are assigned in all selected analyses, without the need to assign the materials separately in each analysis.
Right-click menu allows you to quickly select multiple analyses in the list.
Boundary conditions can be assigned in the same way. Just select the analyses first, then assign the boundary conditions.
Beams and bars can also be assigned to multiple stress analyses.

Replace properties in all SLOPE/W analyses
SLOPE/W properties or objects in the current analysis can be easily replaced in a set of SLOPE/W analyses. This lets you make changes in one analysis (to piezometric lines, for example) and quickly push these changes to all other analyses.

Enhanced Material Property Table
The material property table formatting has been improved to include colors, borders, and column alignment.

Sketch Improvements
The Modify Sketch command allows you to modify the properties of text, lines, dimension, circles and arcs after they are defined.
You can specify that any sketch object, such as lines, only be displayed in the current analysis.

Portuguese Edition
GeoStudio now includes a Brazilian Portuguese translation.