ETABS MATE is a professional concrete structure detailer. ETABS MATE là phần mềm triển khai kết cấu bê tông chuyên nghiệp.

Concrete Structure Detailer Software



ETABS MATE là phần mềm triển khai kết cấu bê tông chuyên nghiệp. Phần mềm này là một công cụ để thiết kế và vẽ chi tiết bê tông cốt thép dựa trên một giao diện đồ họa đơn giản với kết quả phân tích được lấy từ ETABS

ETABS MATE is a professional concrete structure detailer.
This software is a professional and very quick tool for design and draw reinforcement details of concrete structure in a developed and easy graphical interface in according to building model analysis results of ETABS software.

Phần mềm này xuất ra bản vẽ kết cấu định dạng AUTOCAD. Thêm nữa, Etabs Mate đưa ra rất nhiều dạng báo cáo tính toán kết cấu theo từng loại vật liệu, từng loại cấu kiện, từng tầng và nhiều loại báo cáo tính toán khác
Also this software can save prepared structural drawings in AutoCAD file format.
In additional ETABS MATE can preparing several kind of reports such as structural material list according to element type or story sequence and other useful reports.

In order to using ETABS MATE software for concrete structure detailing, the project must be model, analyze and design in the ETABS first. Specific instructions or restrictions are not required for labeling or naming the elements or frame sections that they are using in the ETABS modeling. And you can do modeling of your structure in the ETABS without any restrictions or any limitation in any way that you feel comfortable. After the modeling and design processes was completed and when all results were satisfactory and you decide to start the structure detailing, the whole process of structure reinforcement design and generating structural drawing will be completed in just a few minutes by using the ETABS MATE software.

Compatible with ETABS 2015 and All Older Versions

Compatible with ETABS 2015 and All Older Versions

Features and Capabilities

  • Incredibly speed up reinforcement design and preparing structural drawings process.

(about 1 second for a building with 5000 m2 of area)

  • Compatible to all versions of ETABS Software.
  • Compatibility of generated drawings with all versions of AutoCAD Software.
  • Simple Procedure for importing structure from ETABS to ETABS MATE.
  • User friendly and very simple graphical interfaces.
  • Independent software without any dependency to other programs.
  • Equipped with powerful and very quick internal drawing engine.
  • Easy to edit drawings that generated by software.
  • Previewing all computed reinforcement details of with a very convenient way in the plans of structure.
  • You can generate structural drawings with envelop of several design files of one structure.
  • Automatically calculate splice length of rebar or use user defined multiplayer for calculate them.
  • Auto labeling all rebars in structural drawings.
  • Auto generate rebar list table include size, shape, length and weight of rebars in the structural drawings.
  • Automatically read all defined frame section and wall section from etabs model file and regenerate them.
  • Ability to define new section or edit properties of section that automatically generated by software.
  • All reinforcing design parameters can be configured in the software.
  • Ability to change reinforcing design details in software before generating structural drawings.
  • Preparing a variety of printable reports such as weight of steel and concrete volume by elements type, story or rebar size.


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