Midas NFX 2019 R3 Minor Release

midasNFX streamlines the repetitive design process by eliminating the tedious time-consuming process associated with a series of design changes in conjunction with seeking optimum design. Analysis process is optimized and simplified in such a way that the designers can expand their capabilities into CAE analysis. The experts and experienced analysts can also focus on innovation enjoying the high-end finite element functionality to undertake various advanced analyses faster with confidence.

Etabs to Revit to Robot Structural Analysis
Corbel Design & Drawing in Prota Details 2019
Design of Full building

This webinar will briefly introduce and demonstrate newly implemented features in NFX 2019 R3 as shown below.
– Line to Line contact feature
– Random Vibration fatigue analysis
– Restart function for linear dynamic analyses (modal superposition based)
– Restart function for Nonlinear Transient Heat Transfer
– CFD Reynolds Stress turbulence model
– CFD Thermal Boundary Layer, Two-Resistor compact model, 3D overset mesh, collision Wall
– New Post-Processing tools: Safety Factor Analysis, Animation save enhancements, Particle Transfer new result types