Wind load generation for a complex 3D structure

Check it out how to generate the wind loading to a complex 3D structure to the Eurocode 1 in 5 minutes with MasterFrame and MasterKey: Wind Analysis

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MasterKey: Wind Analysis is the structural software every engineer has been looking for to dramatically reduce the burden of wind application on a frame to either BS 6399 Pt 2 or EC1 – 4, making the accurate application of wind loads a very simple and virtually automated task.

MasterKey Wind Analysis used with MasterFrame Pro makes light work of the complex task of applying wind loading to any structure; complete with automatic wind site pressure calculation, full wind zoning and calculation of pressure coefficients for absolutely any wind direction.

Application of Wind Loading
With MasterKey Wind Analysis you can reduce the time-consuming process of calculating and applying wind loads on a building to a few simple steps as follows:

Specify the wind directions you want to consider, i.e. 0, 30, 45, 90 degrees etc
Using the MasterFrame Pro, set the main bracing members into wind diagonal groups
Automatically generate wind panels using the MasterFrame Pro software
At this stage all zones and Cpe values are automatically determined
Establish the wind pressure by simply picking your building location from the built-in GB & Ireland O.S. location maps, or input your Grid Reference
Basic site information for anywhere else in the world can be added to the libraries
Your wind loading application is now complete
Included in the core modelling module of the Building Design Suite

Design Features

Wind Analysis
Consideration of dynamic augmentation factor or structural factor CsCd when considering the overall stability of the structure
Simply enter the UK or Irish national grid reference, or pick on the map to calculate the wind site pressure
Goes beyond the basics to handle, parapets, canopies, free standing structures and open sided structures
Enter the distance to any adjacent structure to automatically accommodate funneling effects
Internal pressure and suction coefficients can be added for each direction
User control to override the automated panel zoning or Cpe value
Up to 8 wind directions can be considered in a model

Application Of Wind Loading
The weighted pressure coefficients for panels are multiplied by the appropriate dynamic pressure q value taking into account wind direction, diagonal length, crosswind breadth and height above ground level
MasterFrame frame loading diagram displays the final loads that are applied to the structural member together with their values and direction, giving you full graphical validation
At steel design time, appropriate loading cases are automatically selected for the design of the member, with regard to differing wind diagonal values
MasterFrame Pro will automatically apply the wind loading to all members, perpendicular to each panel. Panels can be vertically, horizontally or 2-way spanning

Clear Graphical Wind Displays
Superb graphical presentation of the wind loading with colour coded suction/pressure/zoning diagram for each wind direction
Display zoning labels, Cpe values, or final panel pressures on your frame, leaving nothing to the imagination

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