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RAM Connection can be used stand alone or fully integrated with RAM Structural System, RAM Elements, and STAAD.Pro® for steel connection design.

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RAM Connection can check or design connections in seconds. Whether you design connections or need to check connections designed by the shop, RAM Connection is the software for you. In just one low-cost package, you get for steel frame connections the AISC ASD and LRFD, BS5950-1, EN1993-EC3, GB50017 and IS800 connection design and optimization for shear and moment connections, braced frame connections, and column and beam splices. For truss connections you get the tubular connections design according to the AISC and the HSS Connection Design Manual. Through its seamless integration with the RAM Structural System, RAM Elements, and STAAD.Pro, RAM Connection raises the bar to a new level of productivity. All data regarding member sizes, joint geometry, and forces are transferred directly from either the RAM Structural System, RAM Elements, or STAAD.Pro to RAM Connection.

Base plate design is an essential part of any structural project. All available bibliography related to the analysis and subsequent design of base plates considers uniaxial behavior. However, since many structural models are tridimensional, the reactions obtained from the structure have moments about both axes, as shown in Figure 1. In this article uniaxial methods are extended to handle biaxial problems.

To solve biaxial problems a non-linear equations system is needed, because concrete can only handle compression forces and anchor rods can only handle tension. In general, the system variables are: the maximum compressive concrete stress, maximum anchor rods tension, neutral axis angle and bearing length. A common practice is to fix maximum compressive concrete stress by the adopted design code. In this case; we have a three equations and three variables system. In addition, a new equation could be included: strain compatibility; that is to say, the base plate is considered as fully rigid and the strains in compression and tension zones have a lineal relationship.

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